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We make delightful explainer videos

And we won’t lie, it’s pretty hard work! (Just ask our animators.) But we love a good challenge, so if you are looking for for a great animated explainer video service hit us up for videos that we'll spend hours perfecting, Just for you.

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Marissa, CASE

Their team is very easy to work with and understands the client’s direction and concerns based on the objectives communicated!

Kenny, Sqkii

Great work from the team, the team enhanced our existing characters by bringing them to live!

Why us?

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As far as explainer video services go, we cost less than most big boys out there. The best part? You won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality.

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We’re nimble ninjas, and we believe in working in sync with you to create the best work possible.

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High Quality

We’re perfectionists. That means we only hit “send” when we’re sure we won’t regret it in the morning.

Take a look at some notable explainer video services we've done for
companies like yours in Singapore

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We also create other types of animations

The secret of a successful explainer video


This is where we all agree on a project timeline that everyone's happy with.



Next, we’ll need a script. It could be from you, or from us.



This is where we all agree on a project timeline that everyone's happy with.



And then we bring everything together!

Add Ons

In this final step, we include stuff like subtitles and voice overs.


Add-Ons for your explainer video

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Animated Mascot

Generic ain’t your cup of tea? Let us customize a mascot for your animation.

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Voice Over

Want to provide more familiarity and guidance? A voiceover can enhance the overall experience for your viewer.

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Afraid that your viewer can’t hear the audio clearly? Add subtitles to make your video more accessible and crsytal clear.

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Logo Animation

Breathe some life into your logo by giving it some ~impressive motions~.

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Full Language Adaptation

Hello! Ni hao! Vaṇakkam! Cater to different demographics with language adaptations.

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Source File

Prefer to make the small tweaks and changes yourself? Here you go!

So how much will everything cost?

We wish we could give you a figure off the bat, but our charges depend on factors such as animation complexity and duration.

Nonetheless, motion design work begins at $500, while explainer videos start from $2,000. Here are some considerations that factor into the overall cost.

  • Complexity
  • Timeline
  • Resources
  • Duration
The Visual Team web animation - complexity

Do you need a simple animated dragon, or an animated one terrorising a village, complete with terrifying sound effects and subtitles with a medieval-themed font? Complexity also has to do with how much material you’ll provide, and how much we’ll have to sort out ourselves.

The Visual Team web thumbnail - timeline

A shorter timeline could mean more overtime and buying stronger coffee for our animators. And as much as we’d like to give you stuff yesterday, we want to give you the best work possible, which takes time. (Plus, we haven’t quite figured out time travel.

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We’re a pretty adept animation studio, but certain animation elements may require us to hire expert help from elsewhere in Singapore. This can include voiceovers, subtitling, or more specialised illustrations.

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Longer animated videos generally cost more, since they require more resources and visual assets.


We require a 50% upfront payment to kickstart the work. The final 50% will be collected after the video is finished and approved by you.

Only after we receive the final payment, we will send the final video.

You can pay via PayNow, cheque or bank transfer.

Explainer video services typically take between 4-8 weeks per project, as all our work is custom made. Our

The varying timeframe depends on how smooth we communicate and the number of revisions required for each stage.

Our revisions is unlimited for that phase period.

For example, we can revise until you are satisfied when doing the storyboard.

But once we have started the animation, revision for past items are highly not recommended.

We usually do not charge extra but just be reasonable to us will do.

Also, do compile all changes in one email rather than sending it 1 by 1.

We can deliver the video in any digital format you require.

By default, it will be in Full HD (1920 x 1080) format with H264 compression.

If you need it in another format, please let us know.

We can provide videos in 4K or 60FPS as well if necessary for additional cost.

Yes, you can reduce the time by 2 weeks with additional 25% charge to the video.

We prefer to communicate through Zoom or Skype as most of us work remotely in Singapore. 

But, if face to face is needed, we can accommodate that as well.

During the projects, we will usually communicate through Email or Whatsapp.

It belongs to you as you pay for the video.

You own the final copyright to the video. 

We are sorry that we do not do it now as we have not explored that area yet. For now you may engage our animated explainer video services.

In the context of explainer video and design services. I’d say we are very affordable for your needs.

Please don’t compare us with Fiver as the quality is subjective there.

And big ads agencies may charge you for up to $10,000 ~$15,000 for 30 seconds video.

Tell me more about...

An animation designer uses digital and programming tools to create moving content for ads, websites, films and even video games. It’s a highly versatile field with a diverse set of styles and expertise. 


Here at The Visual Team we’re dedicated to creating animated designs that are not only functional but delightful, engaging and totally unique to your business.

An explainer video is a form of online marketing where you use a short clip to demonstrate the product or service offered by your business. The most popular medium for explainer videos is animation. 

An animated explainer video can help introduce your brand, boost sales and engagement or simply explain a new product.

In a 2D animated video, various characters and scenes are presented in a two-dimensional environment to portray a simple but impactful story. You can leverage this style for your business to create a powerful emotional impact that sticks with the viewer long after they’ve seen your video. 


The more stylised and realistic cousin to 2D animation is the 3D technique. This form allows you to play around with textures and lighting, creating a truly immersive and dynamic effect. Just like 2D animation, this style typically emphasises a narrative or emotional message that moves the viewer. 


These are just two of the many things we happen to do best here at The Visual Team!

Animation provides an injection of nostalgia, emotional impact and immense creativity. With an animated video, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your brand’s needs. 


Animated content is also easier on your budget and drives engagement people are much more likely to pay attention to video than to plain and static text. 


When you bring all that into your marketing, you deliver a fresh, creative and entertaining approach which your business will thank you for.

Wield the power of animation for anything from explainer videos, sales campaign ads, bite-sized social media clips, product demonstrations, and customer testimonials on your business. Talk to us to discover and take advantage of more possibilities!

Our competitive and transparent pricing is a guarantee that you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. 


You can also look forward to working with a lean and efficient team of animators, illustrators and graphic designers with a varied set of skills and fresh ideas. You’ll be able to collaborate with us throughout the process to ensure that you’re happy with the quality of our work. 


We always take pride in the designs we create for clients, and our top priority is ensuring that your finished product not only looks amazing, but also helps take your business to the next level! 

Animated Mascot

Generic ain’t your cup of tea?
Let us customise a mascot for your animation.

Voice Over

Want to provide more familarity and guidance? A voiceover can enhance the overall experience for your viewer.

Logo Animation

Breathe some life into your logo
by giving it some ~impressive motions~.