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HTML emails, designed and coded for you.

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templates that work and actually look great.

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How is our EDM service different?

Responsive on all devices

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Compatible with over 20 email clients

We carry out the latest best practices for email design and coding.

We follow today’s best practices for email design and coding.

Some of the email clients we cater for

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Simple pricing & terms

Fast turnaround

Bespoke design

Pixel-perfect email code

Push out EDMs that turn out the way they should, all the time.

Content consultation

Tap on our content know-how for more effective messaging.

Start making delightful and effective EDMs.

Why are well-crafted EDMs great for business?

Here’s how they can benefit your business when written and designed well.

Stand out and engage

Cut past the everyday content clutter. When your EDMs look good, people pay attention.

Strengthen relationships

60% of customers sign up for marketing emails. Keep them updated on latest products, services and promotions.

Grow traffic

99% of consumers check email every day. Pull them over to your website by sending engaging content regularly.

Enjoy high ROI

You get $44 in return for every dollar spent on email marketing. When done right, EDMs increase conversions at much lower cost.

Drive sales conversions

EDMs are effective. So effective that 85% of businesses use them to generate leads. Now use them to get more sales!

Keep getting better

Know what's working and what isn’t in your EDMs, then tweak your strategy accordingly for better results.

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We test, a lot.

We have a really tough quality control process in place, which includes testing all emails on over 20 email clients and mobile devices. We send these results to you so you don’t have to do any testing yourself.

EDMs we’ve done

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HealthPass by OCBC

Introduction and promotions

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The Visual Team web thumbnail - Singlife EDM thumbnail


Introduction and promotions

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Still confused about EDMs?

Electronic Direct Mail, also referred to as EDMs, refers to the sending of marketing emails to existing and potential customers.

EDMs can come in the form of e-newsletters and promotional offers that keep customers updated on your brand. However, they aren’t merely for marketing. EDMs can also be used to notify customers such as confirming orders or queries received.

EDMs are a way of communicating that lets you build stronger relationships, get more leads and grow sales.


Currently, we only provide the design & coding service. You may use email marketing services such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.

Usually, it takes around 1~2 weeks to design and code the EDM. You may let us know if you have an urgent request.

Yes, you can import our HTML email template to any web based email marketing tool that offers HTML import?

Yes, we can use GIF to animate the hero banner in your EDM to improve the impact of your EDM.