Face Generator

The Visual Team - Face Generator Thumbnail

Expressing different identities, emotions and ideas with our self-made face generator!

Tree Clip Arts

The Visual Team Figma Thumbnails

A series of tree clip arts are ready to use in Figma! Head over it to save some time on your art preparation.

Malaysia Landscape

The Visual Team_Freebies_Thumbnail

Our little take on Malaysia’s night sky. Grab the (digital) stamp illustration now!

Birthday Animation Template

The Visual Team Good Stuff thumbnail - Jin Design Birthday Template

Here’s an exclusive animation piece to mark our 6th birthday. Got a birthday round the corner to celebrate? You know what to do!

World UFO Day – Animation working files

The Visual Team Thumbnail - World UFO Day

So did you know World UFO Day is celebrated every year on the second of July? Here’s a little animated freebie we made to remind you to look out your window every once in a while.

Mr. Illustrator Telegram Sticker Pack

Relationship status with Adobe Illustrator: complicated. But we have you covered for all your graphic design highs and lows.  These stickers won’t make you an Illustrator genius, but at least you’ll have them for company. We hope? Right?

Lava Lamp Wallpaper

We think our therapeutic lava lamp wallpaper might help get you through any long days or sleepless nights working on that graphic design piece.  We also find that it’s quite a good conversation starter.