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A graphic design studio in Singapore

We can conceptualise, sketch,
digitalise and animate your idea.

We’re a team of creative explorers who believe in creating visually appealing and meaningful connections through our designs.

Work we can't wait
to show you

Two types of work we do everyday – client and internal projects.

Client projects allow us to master our skills, for us to become excellent at what we do whereas internal projects allow us to expand our creativity, to think out of the box, challenging our skills.

If you like what you see, let’s design something awesome together.

What do we do?

We excel at visual design for digital and print, from graphic design, illustration, user interface design to animation design.

Graphic Design
User Interface
Presentation Slides
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Let’s start something today

We started less than a year ago. We used to be a kid that supports the UX team. However, we rebelled. We grew up and kickstarted our very own brand.