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Guess what—we work on games too!

Our team has over 5 years of experience in Game User Interface (UI) design.

As a long-term service provider for the gamification agency SQKII, we continue to perfect the art of building and scaling UI designs for a range of gaming experiences.


We make delightful game user interface

And we won’t lie, it’s pretty hard work! (Just ask our designer.) But we love a good challenge. So if you’re looking for a great game user interface design studio here in Singapore, hit us up for user interface that we’ll spend hours perfecting. Just for you.

We make delightful moving pictures

And we won’t lie, it’s pretty hard work! (Just ask our animators.) But we love a good challenge. So if you’re looking for a great animation studio in Singapore, hit us up for animation that we’ll spend hours perfecting. Just for you.

Liked By

Marissa, CASE

Their team is very easy to work with and understands the client’s direction and concerns based on the objectives communicated!

Kenny, Sqkii

Great work from the team, the team enhanced our existing characters by bringing them to life!

Bespoke UI designs we’ve created

Don’t just take our word for it

Why TVT?

The animation veterans

We started off as an agency with a focus on animation, and we’ve expanded our expertise to include game design, animation and UI. Our team is ready to deliver rewarding game experiences for users everywhere.

A cross-functional team

We’re part of the JIN Design brand that tackles web design with a heavy emphasis on user experience. The folks at JIN offer their expertise and ideas for every project we work on!

Bespoke design

We craft every single detail to ensure a unique and compelling design that caters to your needs. We’re also super flexible, so you can look forward to a truly collaborative experience.

What you can expect in return

A smooth user experience

Making your customers happy is the key to retaining them. Great user experience keeps people engaged with your product and makes sure they come back for more.

An enticing loading screen

Take advantage of every idle moment in a game, including the loading screen! Grabbing players’ attention from the get-go is crucial to maintaining engagement.

The main menu that sparks excitement

The main menu that sparks excitement

User interfaces we can support

Mobile Apps


Web Apps

Tablet Apps


Game UIs

Have questions in your mind?

Have a question in mind?

We’re happy to help clear any doubts! Here are some common questions we get asked at The Visual Team.


This depends on the size of the project. For smaller projects, we’ll require a 50% upfront payment to kickstart the work. The final 50% will be collected after the deliverables are completed and handed over.

You can pay via PayNow, cheque or bank transfer.

A game interface is a network of virtual components that allows the player to interact and communicate with the game world. These components include buttons, menus, maps and movement control options.

We provide up to 3 rounds of revisions for every screen.

We usually don’t charge extra for feedback given after revision rounds are over. However, please do be reasonable with your requests.

Additionally, we’d appreciate if comments and feedback are compiled in a single consolidated email for each round of revision so that changes are easier to track for everyone.

We prefer to communicate through Zoom or Skype as most of us work remotely in Singapore.

But if a face-to-face discussion is needed, we can accommodate that as well.

During the projects, we’ll usually communicate through Email or WhatsApp.

Currently, we only work with Figma. When our team grows, we may be able to provide Adobe XD or Sketch.

As the project’s paying client, you’ll own all the copyright for mockups we create.

In the context of UI design services in Singapore, we believe our services are very affordable for your needs.

Compare us with the big boys and you’ll see that our rate is very competitive!

Please don’t compare us with Fiver as the quality is subjective there.

Yes. Even though UX and UI design are separate elements, they need each other in order to function well. User experience works in tandem with the user interface to ensure that the game is fluid, clear, easy to understand and responsive.