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A Vibrant Promotional Campaign

Initiating a funnel

MoneyOwl is a home-grown financial advisory organisation that aims to empower people’s lives through wise monetary decisions. Their new retirement plan package is valuable to those who want to start planning for their future. Attractive promotional perks and various benefits helped draw customers into the sales funnel for this service.

We crafted visually appealing graphics with a thoughtfully picked colour scheme. The design also highlights key information with a clear and direct CTA to guide users to the next step. Each aspect of the design helps ensure that MoneyOwl’s promotion campaign is able to meet its goals.




Graphic Design and illustration

Ads Preview

The thoughts behind the work were attempting to raise awareness of retirement planning and to attract engagement by incentivising with promotional items and reduction of commissions. We’ve committed to the MoneyOwl colour guideline, a strong colour to cease any eyeballs once they browse through and a scannable layout with breathable space.


Social Media Ads Posting