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Mr. Illustrator Telegram Sticker Pack

Relationship status with Adobe Illustrator: complicated. But we have you covered for all your graphic design highs and lows.  These stickers won’t make you an Illustrator genius, but at least you’ll have them for company. We hope? Right?

Lava Lamp Wallpaper

We think our therapeutic lava lamp wallpaper might help get you through any long days or sleepless nights working on that graphic design piece.  We also find that it’s quite a good conversation starter.

OnePlus 7T Figma Mockups

Start building user interface designs for OnePlus 7T Figma screens with these free mockups from us.  Take it. It’s free.

Huawei Mate X Figma Mockup

Our Huawei Mate X mockups are a great starter kit if you’re crafting user interface designs for the device on Figma. Oh, and they’re free.

Malaysia’s Isometric Landmark

It’s hard finding stock graphic designs of Malaysian landmarks, so we created our own.  Download them and become your own mayor.