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“How do we charge?”

A question that we get asked often. And, we assume you have the same question now.

We accept any project starting from $500 onwards. It can be something small to kickstart our relationship.

Here is a list of attributes that determine the final pricing.

The more complex the graphic (e.g. more layers), the higher the price. Work that requires more effort to create and post-process.

Design Brief
The clearer the design brief, the less “guesswork” we have to do. We can avoid taking the wrong direction that would take up extra time delivering the work.

Animated work takes up to 3x the effort and time to create. Extra effort is required to ensure the animation looks polished and smooth.

The shorter the time, the higher the price. You may expect up to 1.3x higher if we’re given a tight deadline to complete the work.


Working Model

Also, we have created 2 models that we think can fit for any type of projects you may have.

The Visual Team web thumbnail - retainer model

Retainer Model

  • Engage us on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Flexible design scope and brief
The Visual Team web thumbnail - project model

Project Model

  • Hire us for the entire project period
  • Fixed design scope and brief