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Animated infographics: How does it benefit your business

Draw audience attentionThe first few seconds are essential to hook viewers into watching the rest of your video.
Establish your brand imageYour video’s entire look and feel can be crafted to show a signature, recognisable style.
Communicate effectivelyShow relevant information to your audience in an easily understood way.
Help your brand stand outUnique design and content can set you apart from competitors.
Seize the chance to go viralTake advantage of people’s interest in sharing interesting online content.

Are you looking to deliver a lot of data-heavy information to your audience, but worried about boring or overwhelming them? Infographics are your best choice in this situation—they let you cut the fat and get to the points that really matter. 

What is an Animated Infographic?

When you think of infographics, you may be picturing lots of dry data and dull information displayed on a static poster or pamphlet. But an infographic, when done right, can actually be a great engagement tool for your business. 

You can take things a step further by adding animation to your infographic content! 

Animated infographics work by taking the visual data, charts and text of a standard infographic and spicing things up with illustrated animation. Sharing information like this can generate interest among your audience and help them absorb and remember relevant details.  

What Animated Infographics can do for Your Business

What is it about this simple animation style that brings solid results to brands the world over? Let’s explore some advantages a well-made infographic video can give you. 

1. Draw Audience Attention

Think of a really memorable ad or video you’ve seen recently. Would you still feel like watching it even with the sound muted? If the answer is yes, that’s a sign of a truly effective and engaging piece of media. 

In fact, the human brain is far more attracted to images compared to walls of text. Moreover, you only have about seven seconds to grab the audience attention, so using dynamic visuals and movement is crucial. 

So while a static infographic could easily display all the information you’d like to share, adding the animated aspect may determine whether people engage with and retain that knowledge. 

Here’s an example of a data-heavy but interesting animated infographic. 

2. Establish Your Brand Image

The overall visual design of your animated infographic can be a powerful way to let people know what your brand is about in a short amount of time.

Keeping colours and graphics consistent across all your infographic videos helps you create a signature style. This makes your content easily recognisable to audiences and strengthens their perception of your business and what it offers. 

Take this infographic video by DigitalE as an example. Bright and appealing signature colours like yellow and green feature heavily, giving fun and approachable impression to viewers.

3. Communicate Effectively

A clean and focused infographic can be one of the most effortless ways to help people consume information. 

With a clear scope and simple display, you can present complex ideas or detailed concepts to viewers in a way that’s both entertaining and easy to understand. The moving elements in an animated infographic ensure the viewer can focus on small chunks of knowledge at one time.  

Here’s an animated piece we crafted for LionGlobal’s disruptive technologies product. This shows how a topic that may seem too technical or abstract for viewers can be condensed in a simple and accessible way.

4. Help Your Brand Stand Out

Crafting a cohesive infographic can be a challenging task. However, once you get the hang of combining relevant content with unique visuals, a solid animated infographic can help set your brand apart from its competitors. 

You could even consider custom animation and music to create a true signature look and vibe. Music is especially effective in helping audiences recall details about your brand or infographic when they hear it again. 

In short, viewers who connect with your animated infographics will subconsciously relate that content to your business. This encourages them to seek out your products and services to fulfil relevant needs. 

5. Seize the Chance to go Viral

Modern consumers love shareable content on social media, and a well-crafted animated infographic is just the sort of thing that might go viral.

Fun facts, surprising statistics and trivia are all things we find fascinating and enjoy discussing during office lunches. So it’s not surprising when an infographic that delivers knowledge on topics relevant to its audience ends up gaining a lot of traction.

Furthermore, a widely shared infographic helps ensure brand stickiness in the viewers’ minds. The average consumer requires about five to seven impressions to recognise your brand.

When your content gets shared extensively online, a unique logo coupled with a signature infographic animation style can go a long way in building a strong awareness among users who stumble across it. 

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Animated Infographics for Your Business?

At TVT we craft tailored animation for infographics across a range of brands and needs. Talk to us today to get started!