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What’s the Average Cost of Making an Animated Video in Singapore?

Ready to create an animated video for your business, but too daunted by the potential cost? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you break down how much it costs to hire an animation agency for a video project here in Singapore! 

What You Can Expect to Pay for an Animated Video 

ServicesAverage costTypes included
30 seconds 2D animation2000SGD+ /1470 USD+An explainer video, motion graphics, infographics, typography
30 seconds of whiteboard animation service1200SGD+/ 877 USD+Whiteboard animation, screencast
60 seconds of 3D animation2500SGD+/1830USD+VFX, Stop motion, Live action

A standard 30-second 2D-animated video by a Singaporean animation agency will cost around SGD2,000. This also applies to typography style videos, motion graphics and infographics. A 30-seconds of whiteboard animation video is considerably cheaper, with a price tag of SGD1,200. 

On the other hand, a 60-second 3D-animated video typically runs up a bill of SGD2,500. The same applies to VFX and stop motion animated videos too. 

Typically, the longer the video and the more complex its animation style, the more expensive you can expect your video to be.


What’s Included in a Standard Animation Package?

No matter what style of animated video you have in mind, there is a selection of standard services and elements you can typically expect from your agency of choice.

First, the animation agency will present you with ideas for the video. Once you’re happy with the video concept, a script and storyboard will be drawn up to detail everything that will happen in your animated video.

The animation agency will also handle elements like music, voiceover, or special effects. 

Finally, you’ll be given final copyrights to the finished video, along with a selection of different file types for your convenience. A standard animated video will be rendered in 1080FHD or above for optimal quality. 

How Long Will This Process Take?

The timeline for the completion of your video will rely heavily on your needs and preferences. Just 30 seconds of animation can take up to a week to create and polish, so a longer and more complex video will accordingly need an extended period of time.

Any add-on elements to your video will require more time for the animators, as well as an extra charge. 

What is an Add-on?

An add-on element to your video is something that enhances the overall product, aside from the animation itself. This can be subtitles, a voiceover or even versions of your video in multiple languages. 

Here are some choices of popular add-ons for animated videos:


Incorporating a voiceover in your animation can be a great storytelling tool, and also add a localised touch depending on your target audience. Using familiar slang or accents helps make your video become more relatable and memorable.


Using subtitles or captions for your video content is a great way to make your animation accessible to viewers. Your potential audience may be hard of hearing or be in a loud and busy environment like a shopping mall. Subtitles can do the work of grabbing attention and making sure that your video’s message gets across to viewers in any situation. 

Logo Animation

Including your logo animation in the video is a powerful add-on that solidifies branding in your viewers’ minds. You can ensure that your animated video, product or service and your brand will make an impression and stick with your audience.

Source File

Another add-on option is requesting the source file for your animated video. This allows you to make direct edits or changes to your video at later stages without needing to go through the original animators. 

Language Adaptations

Want your animated video to be seen across different communities and even countries? An animation agency can make that happen! Your video will be translated and produced while accounting for multiple languages.

Unleash the Potential of Animated Videos

An animated video is versatile enough to be leveraged for all kinds of styles and purposes. Here are some examples of videos we’ve done for clients in the past.

Would you like to simplify the concept of your service to help viewers better understand how to use it? Check out this explainer video we created for FuelKaki, a fuel price comparison tool from the Consumer’s Association of Singapore. 

Do you need a video to explain a totally new product or concept to potential customers? We achieved this through the animated video we crafted for 8×8, a business calls solutions provider.

How about commemorating a significant anniversary or other meaningful milestones for your business? We do that too! Take a look at the unique animation we worked on for Neo Group’s 30th anniversary. 

We’ll also work with you to produce an animated video that embodies your brand and image, like this video we’ve created in-house for The Visual Team. 

Start Your Animation Journey With JIN

Interested in producing an animated video for your brand, or simply have more questions about how the entire process works? Bounce some ideas around with us here