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Motion Graphics trends we predict in 2022

Motion graphics trendsDescriptions
MorphingObjects morph from one shape to another. It creates an impressive micro-moment that is powerful enough to generate interest in finishing the video
Retro Vintage StyleThe resurrection of old animation styles around the 1960s with a little modern brush-up
Isometric shape animationsThe most common 2D explainer video format we see in current days
Minimalist animationClean and easy-to-focus style of animation. Typically created with high contrast and a strong focus on the subject
Parallax AnimationOne of the best animation effects to apply to a real-life image

Motion graphics have taken over the world so effectively that you probably don’t realise how often you see them daily.

From the opening credits to your favourite Netflix show, the moving logos on websites you visit to the GIFs you send in group chats over lunch—these are all examples of motion graphics!

A subset under the animation umbrella, motion graphics uses shapes, illustrations and typography to create amazing moving designs. 

Here are five motion graphics techniques we believe will be all the rage this year.

  1. Morphing

This animation tool is a special effect that transforms or morphs one element into another. 

It lets you play around with creative and seamless transitions, not to mention adding an element of surprise to your content. What shapes will the viewer see next? 

The morphing effect is also ideal for displaying before and after comparisons for products and services. 

Check out this example of a simple animation video that makes great use of the morphing technique. 

  1. Retro Vintage Styles

Certain graphic design trends from the past have become so iconic that they immediately evoke that specific time period even if you weren’t around back then!

Think about the low frames per second (fps) rate of silent films or the bright neon fonts of the 80s. Retro motion graphics use these motifs and more to create a nostalgic effect. 

You can experiment with different styles and time periods depending on the product or message you want to highlight. 

  1. Isometric Shape Animations

Isometric animation uses a technique called isometric projection. In simple terms, this means using 2D elements to build a visual representation of a 3D object. 

This style is appealing because of its simplicity and depth. Applying isometric projection on shapes lets you view a building or object from many angles, even adding a futuristic and high-tech effect. 

Furthermore, it creates a strong visual appeal that makes viewers more curious about your product. Here’s a look at how we put isometric shapes in action for Lion Global Investors. 

  1. Minimalist Animation

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of detail to deliver an effective piece of animation. 

Minimalist animation displays objects and places in the most basic shapes possible, typically contrasting the featured object against a clean background.

This style can be both visually comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You won’t even have to sacrifice creativity and detailed information to come up with a brilliant piece of minimalist animation! Check out how we did it for Price Kaki’s explainer video. 

  1. Parallax Animation

Parallax animation may sound unfamiliar, but you’ve probably seen it used across web design and social media content these days, especially on TikTok. 

Parallax animation creates an illusion of depth in a 2D setting by keeping the object in focus and contrasting it against the background. In web design, the parallax effect is used by ensuring that the background images move slower than the foreground. 

This technique can create a dramatic effect or highlight significant moments. Want to get a better idea of how it works? Check out this amazing example of parallax animation applied to still life photography. 

Where can You Apply These Motion Graphics Techniques?

  1. Social Media Ads

With so many people staying constantly online through their phones, capturing attention in a sea of advertisements is vital. 

Use compelling and unique motion graphics styles to get more users to stop scrolling and pay attention.

  1. Promotional Videos

Much promotional content these days typically applies a narrative to the featured product or service. 

This boosts brand stickiness in viewers’ minds, and applying a cool motion graphics style like retro animation or parallax effect can help you engage better with audiences. 

  1. Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, an explainer video essentially explains the benefits of your product or the usefulness of your solutions to customers.

They don’t have to be straightforward and dry—in fact, the more creative you can get, the better! Isometric animation and minimalist animation are great options for effective explainer videos that help viewers digest information quickly and easily.  

  1. Branding Videos

This type of video is used to drive brand awareness among the public, and get your products and services recognised by a wider audience.

Branding videos are typically aesthetics-focused, and a motion graphics style like parallax or retro animation can help create a signature visual for your business. 

Jump On the Trendiest Motion Graphics Styles in 2022

Identifying the best motion graphics trend for your needs and adapting it to your overall business style can be a challenge—we’re here to help you with that! Talk to us today to get your own set of exclusive and attention-grabbing motion graphics tailored to your brand.