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The Best Places to Find Free Commercial Use Fonts

Any designer worth their salt knows that the right font choice can take their project to the next level. The use of trendy yet tasteful font choices will elevate your site or portfolio and make a great impression on potential clients.

However, font selection can become an expensive and time-consuming effort. In order to speed up the process and alleviate licensing concerns for you, we’ve done some legwork and compiled a selection of the best online resources for free commercial use fonts, all in one handy list!

1. Google Fonts

Boasting over 1,000 font families that can be applied across 135 languages, fonts on the Google database are open source and totally free for use. You can specify search parameters to seek out different categories, languages and font properties. A preview panel also allows you to see the final effect of your chosen font on both light and dark backgrounds.

As a bonus, Google Fonts offers a code to embed fonts into your webpage or CSS, providing a convenient and user-friendly experience. 

2. Font Space

Established in 2006, Font Space offers a massive collection of 32,000 available fonts provided by more than 2000 designers. The information for each font includes licensing details, previews of how it would look in various formats and options to directly contact or send a tip to the designer.

Every font on the site is verified for quality and legality by a moderator. FontSpace is also quick and convenient as it doesn’t require you to log in or create an account in order to download fonts. 

3. 1001 Fonts

Contrary to the name, there are way more than 1001 fonts on offer here! Despite having a somewhat smaller database than other sites on our list, you can still pick and choose from an impressive archive of 10,000 fonts. This site also features a tool that allows you to run customisable previews using different sizes and colours. 

Fonts are organised by category and popularity, making it convenient to find what you need based on font size, style and weight. 

4. Font Squirrel

In addition to an extensive range of fonts, this site also offers a couple of special features in the form of the Font Identifier and Font Generator tools. The Font Identifier helps you recognise and name an existing font simply through an image of it, while the Font Generator tool makes it possible to convert any font to a usable web font file for use in your projects.

Do take note that not all files on FontsSquirrel are available for unpaid commercial use. So take care to read through the licensing conditions and ensure that your selected font is fully authorised!

5. Fontesk

Browse through thousands of font options, categorised not only by font styles and properties but also moods, themes and occasions. All files offered by Fontesk are free for personal and commercial use. Best of all, the site enables you to preview a font when applied within a specific theme! 

Fontesk also allows users to submit fonts to be added to their library, in accordance with copyright and licensing conditions. 

Whether you’re a designer, artist or simply working on a personal project, we hope these resources will help you bring your ideas to life. Check out The Visual Team page to find more tips and inspiration