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Why Now’s the Best Time to Start Producing Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

Type of explainer videoA whiteboard explainer video, 2D & 3D animation
Communicate Better with Your AudienceThe audio and visual sparks up all the important points spreading messages in a clear objective
Simplify Complex IdeasSimplifying complex information to a short objective-driven explainer video
Strengthen Your Content Marketing StrategyThe explainer video is easy to incorporate into the story. The story is able to evoke emotions.
It’s Not Too Late to Make the Leap!Nope. Based on ReelInReel, the video marketing industry is expecting to spike 50$ Billion from the last 5 years

Have you noticed people becoming less inclined to pay attention to text-based marketing? Even stylish and well-edited static images don’t seem to cut it anymore. This might be the time for your business to take advantage of animated explainer videos. 

An explainer video is a digital marketing tool that can help boost your brand awareness, increase engagement and drive sales. Explainer videos — as the name suggests —explain what your business or product is all about.

Animated explainer videos are easily the most popular format favoured by businesses worldwide. If you haven’t tried your hand at marketing with animated videos yet, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out why this is the ideal time to invest in an animated explainer video!

Communicate Better with Your Audience

Think about your own attention span as you browse the Internet on your phone — you’re far more likely to watch a series of short videos rather than try to parse a block of text. The same goes for potential customers viewing your business page and social media accounts too.

Video content will remain in viewers’ minds long after they’ve watched it, establishing a solid image for your brand. This impression can be strengthened by using animation in your explainer videos, allowing for a unique combination of visuals and audio to spark interest and engage audiences. 

Additionally, an animated explainer video speaks directly to viewers in a dynamic way, laying the foundation for a compelling call to action. It also allows you to introduce your business to potential users in a creative and subtle manner. 

Simplify Complex Ideas

Something that takes paragraphs to explain in text form isn’t likely to hold the average person’s attention for long. Most people don’t enjoy reading and prefer a low-effort experience when trying to understand a new concept or product.

Why not leverage animated explainer videos to bring your product or brand to life? Animation gives you the freedom to be as creative as possible on a reasonable budget. An animated explainer video can take a complicated idea and present it in an easily digestible style. This is especially important if your product is something non-tangible, like a software application.

A whiteboard animation video or 2D animated clip can convey your message to viewers in a vivid and engaging way that ensures important information is easily understood. 

Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy

The global popularity of TikTok proves how powerful video marketing is these days. Up to 90% of customers say that a video is what convinces them to buy a product. In fact, a strategically placed video on your landing page can boost conversion up to 80%!

Hubspot reports that 81% of businesses worldwide use video as a major part of their content marketing initiatives. It’s estimated that videos alone will account for 82% of global consumer traffic in 2022. 

By extension, animated explainer videos for brands have never been more popular. Consumers welcome the dynamic style, entertainment value and creative yet straightforward way of presenting information. 

It’s Not Too Late to Make the Leap!

Animated video marketing and its effectiveness will only continue to thrive in the coming years. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new perspective on your existing animated brand content, or planning to embark on your first animated explainer video, we’re ready to help! Explore what we can offer you at The Visual Team. 

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