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Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos (The Animated Kind)

An explainer video is a form of online marketing where you use a short clip to demonstrate the product or service offered by your business. The most popular medium for explainer videos is animation. 
Wondering if it’s worth the effort and extra investment into making these clips?

Whether you want to establish brand awareness, boost sales or simply inform and entertain your potential customer base, let’s go through the top reasons why an animated explainer video is an ideal solution.

Video is More Effective than Text

Modern consumers have very selective attention spans. Given the choice between reading a chunk of text or sitting through a 30-second clip, they are far more likely to opt for the video format. In fact, research shows that the average individual in 2021 spends up to 2.5 hours viewing videos daily. A marketing survey by Wyzowl also tells us that a whopping 84% of people who viewed an explainer video were convinced to purchase or sign up for that product. 

Take advantage of this trend through animated explainer videos to guarantee attention for your business!

Video Creates a Memorable Impact

Video frees you to be as creative as possible with animated style and storytelling. A dynamic and well-crafted explainer video can emotionally engage your audience and stamp your brand’s signature aesthetic in their minds.

An animated explainer video is also a great tool to illustrate complex ideas that would otherwise seem boring or technical. This is especially useful if your product is something non-physical, like software. Make every effort to entertain, engage and inform your audience. They will thank and remember you for it!

Boost Your SEO Advantages through Video

When someone stops to watch a video on your page, this encourages them to spend more time on the site. This triggers search engines into registering the high interest your page receives, and the algorithm will drive increased search results and traffic for you.

Remember too that people are more likely to share and repost videos than any other form of online content. This means that your explainer video, and your business by extension, has a fighting chance of reaching viral status on the Internet!  

Video Gives You the Gift of Versatility 

Once you’ve created the ideal explainer video for your business, you can now link and embed this content on any online platform. It can be featured as a trailer on your YouTube channel or a pinned post on your Facebook page. You can easily make edits, add or remove content, as well as try out a variety of graphics and music. Feel free to experiment and tweak for the best results.

Your business explainer video can also be modified for use in many other situations. Consider playing it during presentations or meetings as a quick and engaging way to allow your clients and collaborators to get familiar with your business.

Wondering how to get started or curious about what we have to offer? Reach out to us and start exploring the world of animated explainer videos for your business today!

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