5 After Effects blurring effects explained

The Visual Team blog article thumbnail 5 After Effects Blurring effects explained

The crazy amount of features and choices on After Effects can be overwhelming for any designer or artist. How can you tell which effect is the right one to use for your artwork? Let us help by helping you get familiar with the five basic types of blur you can experiment with on After Effects! […]

Animation: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient Behind Successful Marketing

The Visual Team blog articles thumbnail Animation the not so secret ingredient behind successful marketing

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy good old cartoons, whether it’s a Tom and Jerry rerun or a Pixar movie at the cinema. Through the magic of animation, we laugh, cry and have an overall jolly good time. But did you know that animation can also be used in your marketing to give […]

Logo Animation: Should Your Company Do It?

The Visual Team blog article thumbnail Logo animation: should your company do it?

Nike, Netflix, Apple, you name it. They all have logos you can’t get out of your head.  But what makes an already good logo, even better? Or an average one, outstanding? No prizes for guessing the answer. Today, we’ll walk you through why exactly logo animation might beat normal, static logos. But before we go […]

Video Marketing for Business: 6 Best Types of Animation to Market Your Brand

The Visual Team Blog articles thumbnail: video marketing 6 best type of animations to market your brand

So you’ve heard lots of good things about how animation’s great for marketing, and you’re all set to commit dollars towards video marketing for your business.  But did you know that there are several animation styles out there? From rotoscope animation to whiteboard animation, different animation styles play out differently and require varying amounts of […]

6 Useful Plugins for Figma

Here are some Figma Plugins that I compiled which might come in useful. They are all relatively easy to use and might come in handy. They mainly try to mimic all the features in Adobe Illustrator(AI) so users of AI would be well familiar with how they work. 1. Noise – https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/752558325552095625/Noise A neat trick […]

5 Ways to Animate Text in After Effects

5 Ways to Do Text Animations in After Effects There are many ways to give your presentation a bit more finesse, and one of them is with text animations. Today, we’ll go through five text animations you could use in your next video. We’ll be talking about basic text reveal, liquid text reveal, glitchy text, […]