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Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos (The Animated Kind)

The Visual Team Blog Article Thumbnails Why your business needs explainer videos (The Animated Kind)

An explainer video is a form of online marketing where you use a short clip to demonstrate the product or service offered by your business. The most popular medium for explainer videos is animation. Wondering if it’s worth the effort and extra investment into making these clips? Whether you want to establish brand awareness, boost sales […]

Motion Graphics trends we predict in 2022

Motion graphics trends Descriptions Morphing Objects morph from one shape to another. It creates an impressive micro-moment that is powerful enough to generate interest in finishing the video Retro Vintage Style The resurrection of old animation styles around the 1960s with a little modern brush-up Isometric shape animations The most common 2D explainer video format […]

Animated infographics: How does it benefit your business

the visual team blog article - Animated infographics: How does it benefit your business

Benefits Descriptions Draw audience attention The first few seconds are essential to hook viewers into watching the rest of your video. Establish your brand image Your video’s entire look and feel can be crafted to show a signature, recognisable style. Communicate effectively Show relevant information to your audience in an easily understood way. Help your […]

What’s the Average Cost of Making an Animated Video in Singapore?

What's the average cost of making animated video in Singapore blog thumbnail

Ready to create an animated video for your business, but too daunted by the potential cost?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help you break down how much it costs to hire an animation agency for a video project here in Singapore!  What You Can Expect to Pay for an Animated Video  Services Average cost Types […]

Tips for Explainer Videos that Convert

The Visual Team Blog Post thumbnail_ Tips for Explainer Videos that Convert

Tips Descriptions Audience Research your target consumers and their preferences or problems. Visual Style This is where the potential customers find relevance in your message. Script Keep things simple, engaging and compelling. Outsource Appropriately Professionals in different fields are needed to create a great video e.g voiceover talent, copywriters, animators. Place Videos Strategically Leverage different […]

Animation Tools vs Animation Agencies: What’s the Difference?

The Visual Team article thumbnail What’s the Average Cost of Making an Animated Video in Singapore?

Items Descriptions Expense/Price Very much depends on requirements and scenarios. A highly complex 30-second video may be costly. Time required Training employees may be time-consuming especially with a lack of experience Product quality and after-sales care Animation agencies can provide their input aligned with your objectives, thanks to their years of experience. Creativity Animation agencies […]

Top 10 Types of Explainer Videos for Your Brand

The Visual Team Blog article thumbnail Top 10 types of explainer video for your brand

Types of Explainer Videos Descriptions 2D animation A clean 2D animation style can present a strong narrative experience through motion 3D animation A more realistic approach compared to 2D animation, with great versatility Whiteboard A process of having the illustrator draw the story with animation on a white surface. Good for sharing stories and processes. […]

Why Now’s the Best Time to Start Producing Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

TVT Blog Article Thumbnail Why Now’s the Best Time to Start Producing Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

Items Descriptions Type of explainer video A whiteboard explainer video, 2D & 3D animation Communicate Better with Your Audience The audio and visual sparks up all the important points spreading messages in a clear objective Simplify Complex Ideas Simplifying complex information to a short objective-driven explainer video Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy The explainer video […]

6 Best Animation Styles for Video Marketing

The Visual Team blog articles thumbnail 6 animation styles for video marketing

Interested in dipping your toes into animation for your marketing content? Great news! There are plenty of different styles and options available to you, and we’re here to help guide you through making the best decision for your business.  When selecting the best animation style for your marketing needs, it’s important to consider which of […]

The Best Places to Find Free Commercial Use Fonts

The Visual Team Blog Articles The Best Places to find free commercial use fonts

Any designer worth their salt knows that the right font choice can take their project to the next level. The use of trendy yet tasteful font choices will elevate your site or portfolio and make a great impression on potential clients. However, font selection can become an expensive and time-consuming effort. In order to speed […]